Night Mode

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Dark Mode, read at night. Blue Light Filter for Every Website. Relax your eyes at night and day. Invert colors, improve brightness & contrast. Mild / faint colors, Bright colors, greyscale, sepia, ...

° Manage your day-night-cycle. Blue light makes us (people) awake and prevents sleep.
Care for your eyes and health. Not only for constant nightly reader's eye sight.

° Style sheet (css) editor. Delete elements. Very soon: Visual Selection, Drag & Drop

° We are working on a smart Theme Engine, so that we might automatically exceed the
results you get from other extensions / dark reader with crowdsourced styles.

Night Mode is your extension on your computer. We can not track you.
we develope transparentedly (open-source) at https://github.com/victor-savinov/night-mode
If you use multiple night extensions at once,
then their effects can invert/neutralise each other.

(Amoled / oled Screens: 100% Black backgrounds save electricity and screen wear down)