Net Usage Extension

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Simple Net Usage Extension inspired by the Net Usage Item for Firefox (http://netusage.iau5.com/)

Supported ISPs:
Adam Internet

NOTE: as extra permissions are needed for new ISPs, Chrome may disable the extension upon update.

Version 0.5.0:
Added Internode support

Version 0.4.1:
Fixed link to show response details on error.
Added additional Adam usage types (Freezone and Uploads).
Added handling for usage types that have no quota.

Version 0.4.0:
Upgrade to new manifest.
Updated for new Adam API (again, newsgroups are no longer supported for now).

Version 0.3.0:
Refactored for greater customisation of usageTypes.
Updated for new Adam API.

Version 0.2.2:
Fixed bug in Date handling code, affecting Dates prior to the 10th each month.

Version 0.2.0:
NOTE: Updating to this version requires you to re-save your Options.
Added Units/day display on info popup (calculations are per whole day, eg 2d 6h will be rounded up to 3d).
Added support for datablocks, now added to quota.
Added Newsgroup usage to Adam info.
Added Orcon (NZ) support.
Added Automatic refresh on configurable interval.
Fixed bug where extension would hang if initial setup was not performed.

Version 0.1.1:
Fixed random failures due to using global request.
Better error handling and display.
Added refresh button on popup, data now only refreshes when this is selected.
Added some basic download stats to tooltip.
Added additional information in popup below graph.
Current position in month indicator arrow implemented.
Added loading mask.

Version 0.1.0:
Very basic graph/percentage display functionality. Only works against Adam Internet usage feed.