Xpress – immediate translation!

提供方:Amiel Elboim
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Xpress – the perfect extension for quick translation by marking a word and clicking.

Translation – to translate a word all you have to do is mark it, click the icon the pops up next to your

mouse and the translation will show up in a window in the corner of your screen.

Full integration with google translate – Xpress integrates fully with google translate. By clicking on

the logo in the pop-up window you will be transferred to a google translate page open on the

marked word for more translations and examples, and of course, with one simple click you'll be right

back on the page you were on… cool!

Saving and practicing saved words – any word you have translated and would like to save and

remember, you can click on the star and that word will immediately be added to your favorites list.

The exercise page is easily accessible and at any time you can go and practice you saved words!

Support for all languages – Xpress supports translations for every language! Right after download

you can select your languages and start working.

We invite you to download and enjoy our simple extension that will benefit you in every web-surf…