Chrome tabs switcher

提供方:Vasili Molakhau
评分:5 | 无障碍 | 126KiB

Chrome extension for easy switching between tabs.

- Shows all tabs in all opened windows (including incognito if appropriate checkbox is selected on chrome://extensions page).
- Allows to filter tabs list with help of text entered in search field.
- Each tab item listed in application includes page title, url and favicon (except cases when current page is loaded via https, but favicon is hosted via http - to prevent mixed content on the page.)
- Allows to close any of listed tabs from the application.
- Allows to navigate between listed tabs via ArrowDown/ArrowUp, Tab/Shift+Tab keys.

- Install via chrome web store
- Refresh page to ensure extension script has been loaded
- Use key combination Ctrl + B (will be improved in further versions) to open application
- Apply filter if necessary
- Choose tab you want to switch to and click on it
- Click on the cross icon to close desired tab.

- Add keyboard support for tabs closing functionality
- Improve keyboard interactions inside application
- Add dynamic configuration for application appearance and functionality