提供方:Buu Nguyen
评分:4.87 | 开发者工具 | 1.27MiB

Browser extension that brings your GitHub experience to the next level.

* Easy-to-navigate code tree, just like in IDEs
* Fast file browsing with pjax
* Support private repositories

Pro features (require account and/or subscription on https://www.octotree.io/)
* Pull request code review pack (changed files, comments, view full diffs etc.)
* Multiple syntax theme support
* Pull request, repo, issue and file bookmarking
* Repo caching (improve performance of large repos)
* Enable lazy-loading for specific repositories
* Automatically lazy-load large repositories
* Fine-grained control of where to show Octotree
* Change sidebar docking position
* Quick file search
* Multiple GitHub accounts
* Support GitHub Enterprise

NO BS POLICY: Octotree doesn't collect/share/care about your data at all. GitHub access tokens are required only when you access private repositories or exceed GitHub API rate limit. Octotree stores access tokens in your browser local storage and uses them only to authenticate with GitHub.