Youtube Looper

提供方:Wilker Lúcio
评分:3.55 | 生产工具 | 1.03MiB

This plugin allows you to easely create AB-loops for Youtube videos.

I made this plugin for myself addressing my need to get some sections of guitar lessons on Youtube to be in loop so I can practice it more efficiently.

I'm sharing it so it may be helpful for you as well.


* create multiple loops so you can train sections with ease
* your loops are locally stored, when you get back to your videos your loops will still be there
* set a custom playbackrate (you can use very precise rates as 0.7 0.85 so you can train on your speed)

This project is open-source and everybody is welcome see how it's made and contribute to it's development, the source code is available at: https://github.com/wilkerlucio/youtube-looper