Sexy Undo Close Tab

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It's sweet and sexy so enjoy ! :D

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You can also use it inside incognito mode by ticking the "Allow this extension to run in incognito" box in the Extensions manager, a real lifesaver ! Now with delete function you can easily delete any pages you want whenever you want =)

This thing acts like a mini-history manager, enable Save closed tabs feature and it'll save up those closed tabs ! Want to get back that tab you opened last month? No problem ! It'll still be there !

Version History

Update v7.4.x:
Remembering tabs after browser crash.
Double-clicking the icon works again.
Fixed Ctrl+Z conflict for Polish users.
OS X blank popup bug fixed.

Update v7.2.x:
Ordering fixed.
Works with pre-rendered tabs.

Update v7.1.0:
Multiple Tab Issue Is Fixed.

Update v7.0.6 :
Removed all the fancy useless animated effects in the options page
and fixed some lame bugs =)

Update v7 :
- Auto-clearing, no need to worry about clearing everyday anymore, the app will delete the oldest closed tab from the memory !
- Another attempt at Ctrl+Z on Mac fix ( NEED CONFIRMATION )
- Improved and re-optimized the whole code, thus increasing the overall performance
- Option to disable the double click feature
- Less messy option names ( e.g. instead of 'hide' it is now 'show' )
- A whole new redesigned options page ( did this out of boredom )
- Fixed the badge bug where it wouldn't show number of tabs when Chrome is opened.


My small TODO list , well you know, stuff that will be done later:
- Custom undo shortcut option
- A better way of reopening last closed tab
- Clear can sometimes mess up some stuff
- Bigger font size option