Iframely URL Previews

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Formely Iframely for Gmail only, we know show you inline previews and embeds on any other website too. So you don't have to interrupt your browsing experience.

Iframely plugin is simple script that looks for plain URL links on pages you visit and appends [show] to its end. Once you click on [show], Iframely will grab the URL preview and show it just under the link. Click [hide] to close the preview.

That's it and pretty sweet.

Note: no longer works for Gmail as they changed their security policy and do not allow 3rd party iFrames any longer.

Some tech details for those who care:
* Iframely is a simple script that detects link anchors with text matching the destination href.
* We don't get any of data on your pages and only call our code when you click on [show]
* The source code of the plugin is open-source, if you'd like to check:
* Plugin is powered by Iframely Cloud API (http://iframe.ly).