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Reminders is a simple and yet functional tool that won't let you forget anything important.

You can create a reminder of four types:
1. Text. A reminder of this type will just be displayed in the list of all reminders and could be removed from there whenever you want.
2. Notification. When creating a reminder of this type you will be required to set the time when the notification with your text will be activated.
3. A new tab. This type is very similar to notification, but instead of notifying it will open a new browser tab with a URL provided by you.
4. Task. Looks like notification but has two buttons which allow you either to mark a reminder as done or postpone the time of its next activation.

Reminders of type 2 and 3 can also have a repeat option. Besides that, these types support playing a small sound when activated, which tune and volume you can set in the extension's options.

UPDATE (1.1.3):
- added possibility to set your own default reminder parameters;
- some minor fixes.

UPDATE (1.1.2):
- some minor fixes.

UPDATE (1.1.1):
- added possibility to change a size of the extension's popup window;
- added possibility to set a custom period of reminder repeating;
- some minor fixes.

UPDATE (1.1.0):
- synchronization between browsers logged in with the same Google account;
- added a new reminder type "Task";
- added a reset button that restores extension's default settings;
- main reminder list is now splitted into the two parts, active and past reminders;
- some minor fixes.