Simply Tabs Saver

提供方:Apoorv Saxena
评分:2.86 | 无障碍 | 109KiB

You can save opened tabs, with just a single click.
With that extension you could save all opened tabs in current window. This is realy good, when you often need to open many tabs on different subjects, with a single click.

1. Possibility to Save opened tabs with unique name and reopening them in future with single click.
2. Possibility to Open different tabs in previously saved group.
3. Possibility to Delete saved tabs.
4. Possibility to Update existing tabs group with the current open tabs.
5. Possibility to Open tab groups(multiple tabs) with a single click.
6. Possibility to reset links.

Use single Left Mouse click on links to open a new tab. The link will open up in new tab.
Use single Left Mouse click on tab group link to open all tab links present in the tab group.