YouTube™ No Buffer (Stop Auto-playing)

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防止YouTube HTML5和Flash播放器自动缓冲(自动播放)视频

YouTube No Buffer stops YouTube HTML5 and Flash players from auto-buffering videos. Using this add-on (extension) you can save bandwidth and also prevent YouTube on multiple tabs from buffering media simultaneously.

You will have to click on the player to allow buffering of the media files. Once a player is buffered, it can player multiple tracks. There is no need to activate the player on each new track (so you can easily watch playlists for instance).

1. Stop autoplaying on "/watch?v=" pages
2. Stop autoplaying on "/user/" pages
3. Stop autoplaying on "/channel/" pages
4. Stop autoplaying on embedded YouTube players.
5. Supports YouTube's new Material Design (as of version 0.2.2)

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Note: as of version 0.2.4, this extension is compatible with YouTube's material design
Note: as of version 0.2.5, this extension is not working on the old non-material design