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Adds PlayThis context menu item to pages, frames, links, videos, audio, images and selections.

- 'Send' urls to PlayThis add-on in Kodi for resolving/playback
- 'Add' urls for resolving/playback at a later time
- 'Send as text to Kodi' to send urls/text to Kodi input
- Supports up to 4 remote Kodi profiles

Uses Kodi JSON-RPC over web sockets to remotely execute the PlayThis add-on with url/src.

The PlayThis add-on in Kodi will attempt to find and resolve* media from the url to play or open. A history list is available for future use/exporting to M3U**. Supports video, audio, images and executable***.
* resolves using youtube-dl
** M3U only usable in Kodi w/ PlayThis installed
*** executable items are urls with potential results available through scraping

- PlayThis 3+ add-on for Kodi
- Kodi setting: Settings -> Services -> Remote Control -> Allow remote control by programs on other systems

Special thanks to @konsumer420 for the icons/artwork